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Holiday Gift Guide

If you’ve got a musician in your life, there’s no better gift for them than some new gear. But figuring out what they really want can be a challenge. So, let our gift guide fill you in on top picks for all types of musicians—from guitarists and drummers to keyboardists and music lovers in general. … Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide”

Our Halloween Bash Playlist

We’re gearing up for our Halloween Bash! We are all music lovers here, so we take our playlist very seriously. We’d love to hear your suggestions too! The following is a list of 30 songs you can be sure to hear at our Halloween party.       1. I Put A Spell On You by … Continue reading “Our Halloween Bash Playlist”

Cool Kids’ Classes in Lincoln

  Are you looking for cool kid classes here in Lincoln, NE? Is your child bored of doing the same things after school and on the weekends? Are they looking for something new and exciting? Then, look no further because we’ve got you covered. Today’s little learners have an advantage over their parents because the … Continue reading “Cool Kids’ Classes in Lincoln”

Evidence on Why You Should Learn Guitar

Here ye! Here ye! All rise. The Honorable Judge Reinhold is presiding. via Gfycat   Order! Order in the court! The court of Stratocaster County is now in session. Be seated. First case: The People in the State of Your Well Being verses the Guitar. Place your hand on the Bible. Do you solemnly swear … Continue reading “Evidence on Why You Should Learn Guitar”

Left Handed? How Should You Learn Guitar

God made everyone right-handed, the truly gifted overcome it. Anonymous   Ah, the plight of the left-handed. They’re always left out of the important decisions concerning design. They deal with our scissors, our can openers, and our spiral notebooks. They also have to deal with having to answer the question, “Are you left-handed?” literally every … Continue reading “Left Handed? How Should You Learn Guitar”

How to Get the Maximum Impact from Your Practice Time

Do you find your progress on the guitar to be slow? We all want to be better musicians, right?  We have daydreams of being the fastest, tastiest player out there, burning up the spotlight, desiring to turn people’s heads.  Maybe you dream of just feeling more “in control” of your playing. But more often than … Continue reading “How to Get the Maximum Impact from Your Practice Time”

Am I Too Old to Learn the Guitar?

It bothers you. Not a lot, but enough. Some days you don’t even hear it. Yet other days you can’t escape it. That whisper in your ear. It gets louder when your favorite song comes on the radio. You hear it when you witness a moving live performance. It can be at a coffee shop, … Continue reading “Am I Too Old to Learn the Guitar?”

Know Your Enemy: FIVE Guitar Roadblocks

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” Sun Tzu – Chinese General “Do you know the enemy? Do you know your enemy? Well, gotta know the enemy.” Billie Joe Armstrong – Green Day Beginners Beware So, you have decided to learn how to play the guitar? Awesome! Guitar … Continue reading “Know Your Enemy: FIVE Guitar Roadblocks”

Practice Essentials: 16 Effective Practice Tools

You have been told that you have to practice to get better at anything.  But how can you get the most out of every practice time? Have you been stuck on the guitar? Wondering why you are not getting better as fast as you think you should? I’d like to show you a better way … Continue reading “Practice Essentials: 16 Effective Practice Tools”

Why Learning to Read Music Isn’t Required to be a Musician

Have you wanted to learn the guitar, but felt completely overwhelmed because you couldn’t read music? There is the music staff, notes, sharps, flats, scales, the circle of fifths, modes, etc.  It all seems unending. When you think of all the things necessary to achieve to understand how to read music, it feels completely hopeless! … Continue reading “Why Learning to Read Music Isn’t Required to be a Musician”

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