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Evidence on Why You Should Learn Guitar

March 25, 2019
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Evidence on Why You Should Learn Guitar: Exhibit A – Page and Plant.

Here ye! Here ye!
All rise.

The Honorable Judge Reinhold is presiding.

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Order! Order in the court!

The court of Stratocaster County is now in session. Be seated.

First case: The People in the State of Your Well Being verses the Guitar.

Place your hand on the Bible. Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Today we will be making the case for why you should learn guitar.


Opening Statements

Why would we do that? I mean, you are reading a blog about the guitar. Why would you think you need to convince me to learn guitar anyway?

Let me answer that by asking you this? Can you play the guitar? If not, why not?

We are all different. We all have unique tastes, hobbies, and activities that we enjoy. Not everybody likes baseball, or fly-fishing or extreme ironing, but everybody likes music.

learn guitar
Am I going to be ready for work on time?

Music is the universal language. I can enjoy a country song in a honky-tonk bar, a gospel piece in a church, a blues stomp in a juke joint, and arena rock in… well, an arena.

The point is that I don’t need to know the language they are singing to appreciate the mood they are creating with their music.

How much more then, would I be able to appreciate music if I were to be able to play an instrument myself? How, indeed.

Witness Testimony

Our first witness is Anita Collins from Tedtalk.

Dr Anita Collins is an award-winning Australian educator, academic and researcher in the area of music education, particularly in the impact of music education on cognitive development.

She commissioned a wonderful short film titled  “How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain”.

Take a look.

There are tons of different benefits for playing guitar. And there are tons of different statistics backing them up.

I could easily have included all of my research in this post to prove my point. But that would make for a HUGE post.

More importantly, you could have the potential to get so overwhelmed with all of that data that your reaction would be to close this window and just forget it. So I thought I would approach this subject differently.


The kind folks at musicnotes.com have created a fantastic infographic that tells of many of the benefits in an easy and enjoyable way.

So without further ado, the counsel rests as the defendant will plead its case.

Closing Arguments

Since there are so many different benefits available to you when you learn guitar, perhaps the better question to ask is, “Why doesn’t everyone learn guitar?”



In light of this revealing testimony, the state would like to dismiss all charges. Hooray for Guitar!

learn guitar

Can you think of additional benefits from learning guitar?

What are some benefits you have experienced by learning guitar?

Let us know in the comments below!

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