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Holiday Gift Guide

November 14, 2022

holiday gift guide

If you’ve got a musician in your life, there’s no better gift for them than some new gear. But figuring out what they really want can be a challenge. So, let our gift guide fill you in on top picks for all types of musicians—from guitarists and drummers to keyboardists and music lovers in general.


If you’ve got a picker and a grinner in your life, finding the right gift may be harder than you think. They’re picky (pun intended). Maybe the nice word is that they are particular.

No matter. These are gifts that any scrooge would smile at.

Musicians Tool Kit

Musician's Tool KitThe Ernie Ball’s all-in-one tool kit is perfect for cleaning, maintaining, and keeping your musical instrument in excellent playing condition. Change guitar strings, set intonation, adjust action, check string height, and more—a great music gift for the musician on the road.

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Leather Guitar Pick Holder

Leather Guitar Pick HolderAny guitarist knows the frustration of losing a pick, and it ends up nowhere to be found, sometimes at the worst moments. Ensure quick and easy access to their replacement pick in style. The leather is hand-cut and diligently sewn, with a heavy-duty stainless steel key ring to ensure a long-lasting life and durability—the perfect gift for guitar players and an excellent idea for a stocking stuffer.

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DIY Guitar Pick Punch Gift Pack

DIY Guitar Pick Punch Gift PackEvery guitar player I know is constantly losing guitar picks. This DIY guitar pick punch makes it easy to replace those sneaky guitar picks with just a press. This gift pack comes with 15 pick strips that make up 100 guitar picks and a guitar pick file. This guitar pick punch pack makes an ideal gift for that DIY guitar player who never seems to have a pick!

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Quickstart Guide to Playing Guitar

Quick Start Guide to Playing GuitarPerhaps you have a music lover who has always wanted to play the guitar but felt overwhelmed by all the options out there. This quick and easy course was made just for the beginner in mind. And the price is too good to be true!

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give the piano player in your life, then look no further! We’ve compiled the ultimate list for those who like to tickle the keys! Of course, the hardest part will be choosing which awesome gift ideas to give the piano-loving person in your life!

Mini Thumb Piano

mini thumb pianoThis petite instrument carries with it thousands of years of Zimbabwean musical tradition. The first version of this handheld thumb piano originated in Zimbabwe over 3,000 years ago. Lightweight and portable, the thumb piano was the chosen instrument of traveling troubadours, who would retell the history of their tribe in song. So whether you use it to strike up your own story or to teach little ones about music, this handcrafted thumb piano is the ideal instrument to carry a tune.

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LED Music Light Stand

LED Music Light StandThis gorgeous LED music light stand is perfect for seeing your sheet music on a darkened stage. There are three color temperatures with this light, including 3000K warm, 6500K white, & 4200 mixed. Additionally, there are three brightness levels for each color- Low/Medium/High. Express yourself by customizing your light pattern by choosing different colors and brightness levels. This functional light is a thoughtful gift that protects your vision and reduces eye fatigue for piano and keyboard players.

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Key and Note Piano Stickers

Key and Note Piano StickersThis multi-color piano note sticker pack makes learning the note and note placement of every key on the piano! Chords will come alive as you look across your piano or keyboard and see the infinite possibilities at your fingertips. This helpful sticker pack makes a unique gift for that student just learning to play the piano or a Christmas gift for that music teacher who is always helping to teach the next generation!

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24-Key 71″ Keyboard Play Mat

24-Key 71″ Keyboard Play MatThis kid’s piano keyboard is a fun way for your child to get active and learn about music. They can touch it with their hand or foot and play music on the blanket. This playmat will exercise your children’s ability to coordinate and improve their motor skills. It comes with an On/Off switch with a light and an automatic power off. It also folds for easy storage and travel.

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Shopping for gifts for drummers can be difficult, especially if you are not a drummer yourself. Show them how much they appreciate their talent with an excellent and thoughtful gift they will love. Our gift guide has the best gifts for drummers to help you out.

Drum Stick Pens

Drum Stick PensThese rhythmic writing utensils are made for those who march to the beat of their drum — even if they’re far from their drum set! Both perpetual tappers and proficient percussionists will be charmed by this pair of striking ballpoint pens that resemble a set of real drumsticks. Perfect for maintaining productivity in the classroom or office while pantomiming your favorite drum solo on the sly.

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Practice Pad

Practice PadThis drum practice pad provides the best substitute for acoustic drums, so you can practice rudiments, paradiddles, or drum along to that song on the radio – without disturbing anyone. Portable and quiet, it works on any surface, including carpet, table, lap, or inside a standard snare basket. The two-sided design of the practice drum pad gives you options for the type of practice you are doing. One side features a slightly textured natural gum rubber for a realistic stick rebound.

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Drummer Facts Coffee Mug

Drummer Facts Coffee MugSurprise them with this funny drummer coffee mug. They are sure to love it. Coffee mugs make excellent gifts because they are personal, functional, and affordable. The person can use it daily while showing off their passion for playing the drums. It can also be gifted for a variety of occasions. I have a cute Christmas gift idea if you are looking to get them just a little something.

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Drummers Tool Kit

Drummers Tool KitDrums take a beating. Such abuse means ongoing adjustment and repair – even during a performance. So, we developed the GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool to remedy problems on virtually all quickly makes and models of drums. First, it starts with a drum key made to the same high standards as our T-Handle Drum Key. All tools are forged to precision tolerances using a heat-treated S2 alloy and sport a polished chrome finish for a little extra bling on the bandstand.

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Music Lovers and/or Musicians

Know someone who lives and breathes music? Looking for the best gift to show off their passion but don’t know where to start? Whether they play the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, or piano or always with a drumstick on hand, our gift guide has sweet-sounding gift ideas, your favorite for musicians.
When you’re looking for gifts for the musician, a little bit of research is in order. Your loved ones probably already have the best amps, portable speakers, and other equipment around, so in order to give them something that they don’t already have, we created this gift guide filled with creative and original gift ideas for musicians.

Vinyl Record Coasters

Vinyl Record Coasters These coasters are a great way to start a conversation and break

\the ice at your next dinner party. Adorn your coffee table with these stylish retro vinyl record coasters—one of the best gifts for musicians.

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Music Playing Cards

Music Playing CardsEven if musical ability isn’t your strong suit, you can play with an all-star band when you’re dealt this jazzed-up deck. Featuring loving illustrations of musical greats on each card, it splits up the genres into four suits: Hearts = Pop, Spades = Rock, Diamonds = Folk and Country, and Clubs = Soul, Blues, and R&B. Naturally, Beyonce and Prince are royalty (Queen and Jack of Hearts), as are Hank Williams and Bob Dylan (Ace and Jack of Diamonds) and Elvis and Freddie Mercury (King and Queen—duh!—of spades).

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Cool Ear Plugs

Cool Ear PlugsEargasm Earplugs reduce noise levels proportionally while maintaining sound integrity. It is like having your own volume knob for life! You hear everything but at safe and enjoyable levels. At the heart of each earplug is an attenuation filter. These filters reduce noise to safe levels while preserving the clarity of speech and the richness of music. Sounds are reproduced exactly as your ear would hear them but at a reasonable volume.

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Trial Music Lesson

trial music lessonIf you’re not sure what to give that special rockstar in your life, give them the gift of music lessons!

At Lincoln School of Music, we know that most music lessons are boring. Most music lessons are dull, repetitious patterns, learning stale classical music. When kids are not excited about learning, they are unable to concentrate, thereby wasting hard-earned money on monthly tuition.

Learning an instrument should be easy and fun. The Lincoln School of Music provides music instruction that educates and entertains so that anyone can play their favorite songs, become more confident, and enjoy making music.

When learning is fun, students are more likely to succeed in the enjoyment of life.

Schedule a trial music lesson and change their lives through music.

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