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Cool Kids’ Classes in Lincoln

September 14, 2022
Learn guitar in cool Kid classes in Lincoln NE
Learn guitar in cool Kid classes in Lincoln NE


Are you looking for cool kid classes here in Lincoln, NE? Is your child bored of doing the same things after school and on the weekends? Are they looking for something new and exciting? Then, look no further because we’ve got you covered.

Today’s little learners have an advantage over their parents because the kids’ class scene is virtually bursting with options. There is something for everyone.

Check out these picks for unique learning opportunities that are good enough for your one-of-a-kind kids. 

If they like ballet, then try Nebraska Ballet Theatre & School.

Nebraska Ballet Theatre & School believes that all children should be given the opportunity to dance, regardless of background, skill level, or genre of interest. Get your kids ready to join the phenomenon by taking a spin at ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern, musical theater, acrobatics/acro-dance, hip-hop, break dance, flexibility, dance conditioning, and more.  

If they like gymnastics, then try Pioneer Gymnastics Academy.

If you’ve got kids that like to move, then let them channel their inner Mary Lou Retton with Pioneer Gymnastics Academy’s classes that include balance beams, uneven bars, still rings, a variety of tumbling apparatus, a trampoline, and much more. Whether your child is just starting their gymnastics career or is an accomplished gymnast looking to continue their journey, they have the class for you.

If they like karate, then try MMA.

This mixed martial arts class really knows how to take down the competition. Would-be Ronda Rousseys can learn the fundamentals of Tae kwon do, Hapkido, and Philippine Combatives at Swanson’s Martial Arts, which also teaches street safety and bullying prevention tips, tactics, and strategies through their Self Defense program. Classes are broken up into ages 4-6 and 7 and up. Try a two-week trial before making a big commitment.

If they like guitar, then try Lincoln School of Music.

There’s a lot of confusing information about learning at an instrument. Lincoln School of Music provides classes that demystify learning so that anyone can play their favorite songs, become more confident, and enjoy making music. They can choose from group classes or private lessons to learn their instrument. With a focus on the “fun” in the fundamentals, they are changing lives through music.

If they like drawing, then try drawing and painting.

If your child is always doodling in their notebook, have them try a drawing or pottery class at Lux Center For the Arts. Students will have a blast learning about different artists, painting techniques, and styles each week. The student will make their own paintings and drawings in the style of a famous artist while learning basic paint mixing, drawing, and brushwork techniques. Lessons change from month to month so repeat class takers can try it all!  

If they like mommy and me yoga, then try the Lincoln Yoga Center.

Lincoln Yoga Center is more than just a yoga studio. They are a growing community of health and wellness. Whether it’s a yoga class, teacher training, community event, cooking workshop, kid’s event, rope class, or any other specialized offerings… they are sure you’ll find something to love.

If they like language, then try Spanish.

More than 500 million people speak some form of Spanish, so it only makes sense to build your kids’ language skills before they actually come in handy. Check out Aventuras. It offers classes in Spanish with flexible schedules. You can choose for your child ages 3-5 and K-5th grade.

If your child likes getting crafty, then try a craft studio.

One mention of their splatter room and I’m in! From sewing to pottery to tons of other crafts, Mākit Tākit will have your child squealing with delight. No experience is necessary. 

If your child likes to dance, then try CK Dance Academy. 

Has your child seemed to dominate the floor and want to take their moves airborne? Kids ages 2 and up can learn ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, acro-dance, and fusion at CK Dance Academy. No experience is necessary.

If your child likes science, then try the Science Focus Program. 

Science Focus Program is located in a unique setting – the Lincoln Children’s Zoo. They offer an alternative to the “big” high school experience for students with an interest in and aptitude for science. They offer a wide variety of classes with smaller class sizes and a focus on learning through experience. For those older kids of yours with a love for science, this is a must for them.

If your child likes singing, then try musical theater. 

The Theatre Arts for Kids will teach your child to build confidence and have an unforgettable experience with musical theatre workshops. No experience is required. Also, offers performance training, with programs that are offered to encourage children with down syndrome and other disabilities.

Sound off! Do you know any other cool kid classes in Lincoln NE?

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