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Guitar Lessons in Lincoln, NE

Have you always wanted to learn the guitar but thought it was too late because:
– you’re too old
– you’re too busy
– you’re too tall (okay, that last one is just silly)

There is a saying about the guitar: easy to learn. Difficult to master. So what does that mean for you?
That means that you can be playing songs, riffs and gut-busting solos fairly quickly!

Lessons are designed for each student. Let’s face it, the guy who wants to melt faces at the lip of an arena stage has different goals than the guy wanting to lead worship at his local church. It also goes without saying that the gal who wants to accompany herself while singing at weddings has different goals than the mom who just wants to play songs for her kids.

We get it. Everybody’s different (thank God!) So that’s why we ask each potential student to come up with a setlist of songs they would like to learn how to play. That will get you started in the right direction.

Our now 20 yr old son took guitar lessons with Tim from 8th grade through his senior year of high school and I have to say.....Tim is simply THE BEST!! My son really had fun at lessons and learned a ton of skills! In fact, he still seeks his advice! He very much looks up to Tim, not only as a GREAT guitar teacher but his mentor as well! We are grateful our paths crossed years ago and that you had an opening!

Lori Weskamp


Whatever you want. Got an itch to memorize the entire Ed Sheeran catalog? No sweat! Let’s say you want to play a blues solo that will make your audience cry tears of joy? That’s great, too! The point is that since everyone is different, everyone gets a different lesson.


Anyone who can sit and listen, receive coaching and instruction, and is teachable is the ideal student. We don’t look at age or ability. If you have a passion, we want to fan that flame and get you where you want to be on the guitar.


Let’s face it. We could sit here and tell you how awesome we are. But hearing someone talk about themselves gets kind of old. Instead, we let our students tell you how we are different.


30 Minute Lesson Package $130.00 per month


Fill out the form below or call us now and we will get you started on your dream of playing the guitar the way you have always wanted. Yep, it’s that easy.
Tim is patient and makes learning fun for young students. His passion is contagious and he is able to challenge his students while maintaining a positive atmosphere. He also works hard to keep parents in the loop and involved throughout the lessons. I highly recommend Lincoln School of Music to anyone interested in learning guitar!

Brittany Wilson

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